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Opening Amsterdam Campus Hotelschool The Hague

20 Nov

As my assignment at Hotelschool The Hague draws to a close the link to the video of the opening event I organized here.


Lookie I organized an event

5 Nov

Not my speciality but if you’re organized then you should be able to organize. Of course a squadron of students and some fantastic staff @HotelschoolTH made it all possible. And some publicity help from #HBMEO¬†gave it that extra pow. And I even received a compliment from the President of the Board of Directors.¬† Grace Clark would have been proud.


Shesays widget

1 Nov

Great widget! Great initiative. If over 50% of the world is women why are we so miserably under-represented in the higher positions in marketing communication? Well shesays ( wants to change that. And with this great widget now they have an easy way to find the right women for the job. Because when you need something doing – get a woman to do it!