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Oh behave…

11 Dec

A few months ago I had my cv fall across the desk of a recruiter for an online agency. Heard they needed some help. Thought it might be interesting to get to know them better. Didn’t say that I would give up freelance but could make a short/long-term commitment. Pity that after my lovely chat with the recruiter explaining all this and what my special x talents are, my cv ended up on the MD’s desk ”naked”. He had no idea what I was doing there so I got binned. Fine no biggy, I’m a big girl. Goes to show if you have a story to tell you need to sell yourself, ¬†yourself.

However what is also annoying is that the recruiter never got back to me. A friend of mine once said, with regard to pitching for an assignment ”they forget that you’re a business person as well, they could at least let you know you didn’t get the job.”.

We have learned to confirm appointments, cancel bookings, let people know when they’re expected and if they’re not wanted. Yet somehow in the world of job hunting it has become commonplace to not even get back to the talent your were recruiting that they didn’t make the cut.

Granted we can figure it out, but a little bit of follow through goes a long way. And the recruiter in question, well I couldn’t just sit back and let it pass now could I? Had to send an email saying ”pity that my cv ended up being pitched through the inbox naked, so that MD will never know that what he was looking for is exactly what I’ve been hired by several prestigious firms in the past to do”.

Resolution for 2013, behave myself or knock on more doors personally.


New horizons, new dimensions

11 Dec

I’ve always said that one of the great advantages to freelancing is the chance to grow in breadth and that it keeps you on your toes. Each new assignment is a challenge, but some have home field advantage. And others do not. Others are in a field so far afield of what you’re familiar with that you really have to change gears. Hotelschool The Hague, a hospitality business school. Amazing place, full of lovely very adult and professional students and well-meaning and helpful colleagues.¬† That’s right helpful! In most advertising agencies the cutthroat environment means that asking someone to help you is akin to admitting defeat. Here people offer to help, and they mean it.

Granted that well-meaning means that there seems to be at least 5 Facebook pages because different departments don’t think of Facebook as an online marketing outlet, and although they are on Twitter, the account isn’t very up to date.

However, their enthusiasm is only dampened by the inability of the IT system to cope with sending bulk emails. Main focus, and stress, for 2012 was the grand opening of the new campus in Amsterdam combined with a new corporate style from logo to strategy including new website. Suddenly the grand opening is behind us, the year is drawing to a close and the launch of the new corporate style (combined with the new website) is scheduled for December. And the search is on for a new Marketing & Communications Manager to come on board as quickly as possible.

‘The pace of ”corporate side” as compared to an agency is about 2 gears lower, the pace of a school even slower. Granted the core product is different, and not commercial. This means that you have to remind yourself to appreciate the enthusiasm and not push quite so hard as usual.

New article Sebastiaan & Kris

11 Dec