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18 Feb

I was reading a tech blog recently in which the writer was surprised that a young girl did not have her telephone password protected. She went on about how important it was to protect identities, not to mention should your telephone be stolen. My mobile (cel) phone is SIM code protected but I didn’t have a password set for sleep. So I promptly fixed that.  But then someone at the riding stables had an accident and the manager said ”we need to make sure we have contact numbers for everyone”. Should I fall off the horse some day how would they reach my home number if they don’t know the password? And then I thought, would they know which number to call? Luckily I have my home number as home but what about others? After the bombings in Madrid and London the emergency services repeatedly said ”please have a clear emergency contact number”. I figured Home was pretty clear, besides calling ICE was kind of weird.  My sister-in-law has a habit of giving important numbers cute nicknames, you would have to know her well to realize that the home number is listed under the dog’s name. An Italian colleague of mine was clever enough to put her husband’s number under ‘marito’. 



5 Feb

Each year I rue the winter months of December and January. It starts with running into a fellow freelancer almost every November and looking at each other and saying ”did you take any vacation this year? No, me neither.” To which I promptly respond by taking the month of December off. Only to run into the hibernation that seems to affect the Northern European Business community of marketing communications in January. And the thing is I should know better. Way back when I was a fledgling and wanting to get into TV and Film Production I worked as a general dogsbody known as a Production Assistant. All of my camera, sound and directing friends informed me that the one killer career flaw to Northeastern USA is the winter. They all repeatedly said ”if you can’t get work in LA during the winter you might as well just go stay with your parents”. You would think after 20 years as a professional of which close to a decade freelancing I would have remembered this by now and just go to Tahiti until mid-February but no each year I take December off, bake and deliver cookies and then simply read a lot of books until business picks up – only to promptly not take any vacation time until the end of the year. Maybe 2013 will be different?