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Inspiring people part II

23 Jun

When someone you know uses their talents and ambitions to change their corner of the world, then it’s our responsibility to shout it out for them.

Nassira Boudhan is just such a lady. Having two corners of the world to tend to (Morocco and the Netherlands) she is bridging two cultures and travelling a lot to make changes. Changes for women and girls. Because over 50% of our world is women. On Monday her website/webshop goes live.

A-lief is fashion for education, with an eye to sustainability. Empowering women in Morocco so that they can educate their daughters.




More translations for Sebastiaan Hooft

9 Jun

I am thrilled to be even a small part of Sebastiaan Hooft’s entrepreneurial network.

The recent columns can be read/followed here:

The Interwebs

9 Jun

As an American abroad I was overjoyed to learn that the US security forces are keeping tabs on my correspondence. At least someone is paying attention? Life imitating art ( Nice to know my file has something to add to it since those anti-ICBM and anti-vivisection protests back in the late 1980’s.

What I find even more curious than the outrage that we are being spied on, are  the press statements by the top honchos at Facebook and Google. I don’t know which is more a point of our acceptance of digitality. That the boys behind the biggest forces on the Interwebs these days make these statements ”” thinking that the users will think ‘Oh that’s all right then my privacy is guaranteed’ or that we the users know so little about what WWW is.

I come across it professionally and personally all the time, we as consumers are willing to put our entire lives online but know so little about what it is. Nor do we seem motivated to learn more.

97% of all telecommunication these days is carried via the Internet. Lots of areas for PRISM to tap into – the Google & Facebook central servers might be safe but big brother still has other ways in.

On the other hand – is accepting surveillance a price to pay for prevention and security? I have nothing to hide so PRISM welcome.


Jealousy or not good for you?

6 Jun

I was trawling around on LinkedIn this evening. You know, you get the weekly/monthly update and see someone has a new job or a work anniversary and you take time to look around and see what your contacts are up to. Oh please don’t say you don’t. I saw a few contacts that were having one year work anniversaries in an interim or freelance position.

My query…is it really freelancing if you stay for a year or longer in one position? Or are we simply jealous if someone gets a long term gig like that? Is it good for your freelance network /career if you’re off the market for so long? Or is it a great advantage?


Jury is out – thoughts welcome.

Trust your gut instinct

2 Jun

I had an assignment earlier this year at a small local shop. First of all let me explain that in even though the European Union has defined the following company sizes:

Category # of Employees Gross turnover on balance
mid < 250 ≤ € 50 mln. ≤ € 43 mln.
small < 50 ≤ € 10 mln. ≤ € 10 mln.
micro < 10 ≤ € 2 mln. ≤ € 2 mln.

In Amsterdam reality is micro and they’ll claim mid-sized from about 25 people. So small is really small.  When I was first speaking to them I knew they were small, and I know that I don’t fit in well with small. Small team in a mid- to large organization yes, small organization – actually not a good fit. I should have said no but what freelancer ever turns down work? And they are a lovely bunch of people. Hard working, dedicated and with a very great internal morale. Compliments to them. Thank you for having me.

My quandry is, when your gut instinct tells you something will drive you mad or isn’t good for you do you listen?

The Planner Survey 2012/2013

2 Jun

Always interesting to know how the advertising industry looks globally. Even if the author just abandoned us here in the Dam with out lousy crappy cold Spring to explore opportunities in Miami it’s well worth the read.

Heather LeFevre

Thanks for your patience. A lot of interesting things to share in this year’s report.

If you’re new to these, this is the 8th installment of the survey. The intent is to get a read on what is on our mind and how much money we are making to keep things transparent. If you’re not being paid fairly, these are the pages you take to your boss and ask “Don’t you think I’m at least average?”

But money isn’t everything. I hope it’s only an annual consideration and that the rest of the year we are all growing and learning. After meeting more planners around the world myself, I realized this survey can do a lot more to build a global planning community. So this year we tried to do just that.

Connecting with other planners around the world has proven to be a rewarding and enriching experience for many…

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