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If you build it, they will come?

18 Jul

For those of us working in digital advertising this is an oft-used phrase. Many brands and marketers, having never read the gospels of Saints Malcolm and Seth, think that as a brand if you put up a page then your fans will find you.

People spend their time online looking at videos of cats, outtakes of films/TV shows, and trawling their high school’s pages to see if they look better than the people they graduated with.

I personally only like a brand page if it happens to pass my periphery by either an ad or being liked by someone I know. And that is the law of the Internet. You need to create critical mass i.e. exposure and then, if the conditions are right the momentum may take over.

May take over…I pray to Saints ¬†Malcolm & Seth for the day that I do not receive a briefing with ”do us a viral” or ”we want something social”. Until that day ever onwards.