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Why do advertising people blog?

19 Aug

I was going to blog about hurrah! the end of summer. Because I don’t know if you know this but here in the land of milk & honey that is Amsterdam the dress code, which is lax at the best of times, is downright abysmal during the summer. If I see one more set of naked non-pedicured toes in Havaianas or shock horror grubby Jesus Nikes I will puke like the character in Little Britain. We shall leave my rant on dress code for another day. Because while trawling the blogosphere I stumbled across a few other rather interesting posts. Namely:


Now I’m an opinionated bitch at the best of times. Truly, someone once told me I’d be a great dictator, so what struck me was obviously like minds. But I also noticed something in the tone of voice and use of language. So go to the about and what do I find – expats in advertising. We are in the communicaton business, most of us addicted to social media so it figures that we’d blog. As a matter of fact I’m going to go one step further and say ‘we should blog’ how could, particularly these two heads of planning, advise about the modern media landscape without being a part of it.

I look forward to future posts by them both.


How to get noticed?

11 Aug

I recently sent my cv/resume out to someone who did not garner from it that I’m female. Granted use of my entire first name may have enlightened them on that department. Nor could they glean that I am a dual citizen. Mind you after three pages even my eyes glaze over and it’s my experience. I also noticed that jobs are calling for ‘one page cvs’ these days. Question – if you have the experience, how do you show it? As a freelancer I think that possible assignments want to know that I’ve been asked back by several companies several years in a row, and that they want to see my range of campaign and brand experience.

But does it help or hinder? When do you do narrative versus accomplishment? Where in my executive summary do I fit ‘dual citizen, over 15 years of experience’ without losing the intrigue?