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Curating content

15 Sep

Content is King! Content is important! We are overloaded with messaging and now with content. Aside from the fact that I am surprised that people wonder why their lives don’t look like Pinterest or their favorite brands on FB (they apparently don’t know that there are shining happy people creating that lovely content on behalf of the brands) I’m surprised that we don’t take the time to curate our own content properly.
370 million photographs are uploaded to Facebook daily, and I am as guilty as the rest! I need to review my online albums and do some spring cleaning. But what I also need to do is clean out the contacts. Because another way of curating content is considering whom it is for. I have long been of the opinion that Facebook is not a popularity contest and that I should actually know and be in touch with my FB friends. Now I’m thinking about clearing out my LinkedIn contacts. It’s great to have over 700 contacts but do they do anything for me and/or me for them? If LinkedIn could make the ‘unlinked’ interface the same as FB I’d start today. In the meantime I have some people to unfriend…


20 jobs of the future

11 Sep

I see two in there that I think I’m ideally suited for…

Looking forward to the day when I can pursue them.