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Password changing nightmare

22 Apr

One disadvantage to reading tech blogs and watching great tech shows like BBC’s clicked is that you take notice of stories about things like the Heartbleed bug. As I am a user of Google Chrome with a profile on Google Plus as well as a Linkedin I thought, great need to change passwords.

Easier said than done. Firstly when I wanted to change my webmail password I had to remember my domain client number – oops. Luckily I could log in (once) with the domain name only to inadvertently lock myself out. Great customer service at my provider helped me get back in. So nightmare fixed.

Then I had to reset the password on my phone, my kindle, my laptop and my tablet. Not amusing.

Then I had to do the same thing for all of my social networks that I access on the different devices.

And as I’m safety conscious I also always log out of everything on my work computer so have to actually remember the said passwords should I ever under work time want to access any of the above.

Now I could bemoan the lack of security that allowed the Heartbleed bug to infiltrate and wreak havoc, or I could bemoan the people who create these and other leaks. Or I can wonder at how interconnected and hyper connected (please all read Davidow by the way) we are in the 21st century and be responsible for my own online safety.

Remember folks, alphanumeric passwords are your friend.