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In praise of customer service

27 Jul

In this day and age of instantaneous and online nothing beats good old fashioned personal customer service. EyeWish Groeneveld Opticians are even making it their campaign theme. And yet we allow ourselves to be pawned off with internet forms for contact and complaints and when and if we do ever get a real live human on the line, we should pause and thank them. Thank you credit card service for having a staffed help line on Saturday, who fixed everything splendidly (and managed a quick upsell), thank you local merchant who responded to my email promptly and personally. Working away from home this year I have had to rely on telephone customer service either remotely or on weekends and I must say to date no-one has let me down, everyone has been fantastically helpful and it has made me determined to not allow myself to fill in boring online forms but search for the telephone number and get help. Thank you.


Statistical mishmash pishposh

6 Jul

Has everyone noticed Linkedin’s nice right side statistics? It let’s you see who has viewed your profile, how any status updates are doing and how you are ranking in viewings. In other words we can now compete on how well we are being viewed. I was actually wondering for all of 5 minutes (apparently I harbor some competitiveness) how I could improve my ranking. When I thought “ding dong summer has begun”. Maybe there are just fewer views in general.

Hence the post, in the world of digital advertising (please visualize the air quotes) we have been going on and on about moving away from the CTR and measuring conversion. Yet still, and just yesterday I was translating an article about this, absolute visitor numbers are important.

Look at websites like a storefront, great that you are paying top dollar for a top location with 10.000 people passing your windows everyday. But how many are coming in? And of that how many are window shopping, how many are show rooming and how many actually make a purchase?

Sequeing nicely back to my favorite hobby horse, how do you keep a satisfied client satisfied.

Nevertheless the pish posh is the fixation on absolute numbers. That is only important in sports. And even then it’s not the goals against that make you lose, it’s the goals for that let you win.

So I post this on a Sunday summer’s afternoon and I will watch how it does the rounds and what the statistics are and say to myself, summer holidays have begun so expect little to now response. (and of course front load the tags)…