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No thank you, I don’t want any more friends…

31 Aug

Is anyone else out there getting overly annoyed at the ongoing friend suggestions? I mean even Linkedin is doing it. But giving me lists of people I might want to be friends with? No thank you.


I take great pride in the fact that with the exception of 1 person (who I have been virtual friends with since ICQ) I have physically met all of my Facebook friends.

I know a number of people who say they use Facebook professionally, hence their 950 friends. Fine, but the people who you want to find you should find you. I really don’t need a long list on the right side of my screen of people I don’t know and may only remotely know through 1 person.

Likewise I would love it if the connection suggestions from Linkedin had more validity to my professional profile.

Feels like they got a 2for1 offer on the search algorithm.


How to break the glass ceiling?

20 Aug

I know the world, and particularly younger women, feel that this topic is boring and unnecessary. But this week I was once again one of the only 2 women in a meeting. Why oh why in my professional life do I wonder at the fact that even in 2014 I am still often one of the only women in a meeting? Why is marketing so male dominated? Getting a bit bored of being in board rooms filled with testosterone tainted hot air.

Living in a digital world

20 Aug

I have become so digitized in my life…well actually I was on Arapnet way back when so maybe I have always been way too connected…But have become so digitized I think its fun that my bitstrips avatar actually does resemble me.

But no Facebook I do not need any more friends!

Take time out from your screens…

17 Aug

As summer draws to a close and everyone returns to work (Yes I can finally get something done) I wanted to remind everyone to take time out from the screen and see life around them. If we in marketing put messages into the world we should at least realize what is going on and maybe dedicate some of our time to doing something to change it.