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Happy 2015

31 Dec

As we close out the year some predictions and recommendations for 2015…


#1: Consolidation will increase especially in the smaller markets. Even though SMB is the motor of the economy, there are way too many agencies in small markets. And whilst the larger network agencies will continue to close their doors in smaller markets, especially where one network has more than one shop, the small local agencies are going to find the pickings tough as well. Specialize, combine forces…consolidate to give clients one-stop shopping but true integrated thinking.


#2: The internet is out there – please do your homework. Most job seekers will know that it is wise to research the company you are applying to or interviewing with, but how about researching the other people at the table? Business meetings, new business, interviews – look up the people you are speaking to and know a bit more about them. Think that it just shows professional courtesy. Nothing is more off-putting than people expecting a man or starting a conversation with ‘who are you and why am I speaking to you?”.


#3: Plain speak will rise again. Whilst I would also love to say that people will rediscover proper grammar and spelling that may be a bit too far in the future…but I think that as we continue internationalizing people will finally start using regular plain words instead of flowering discussions up with jargon. Why? Because they will discover that it helps prevent confusion and promote efficiency.


#4: The cloud is here – embrace it but don’t be too interwebs only. Now that large corporations are finally embracing the cloud, however most people still work in cubicles from 9 to 5 – please don’t think in marketing that all people simple Google it. Not only do large numbers of people on this planet still have not internet access – even 1st world people don’t use the internet as we think they do.

Have a fantastic 2015 and may your work/life balance balance.



28 Dec

What exactly is integrated? It seems the buzzword of 2014 was integrated. Not through-the-line, not 360, not non-media specific but integrated. But what is integrated? According to it is an adjective which means:

1. combining or coordinating separate elements so asto provide a harmonious, interrelated whole: an integrated plot; an integrated course ofstudy.
2. organized or structured so that constituent unitsfunction cooperatively: an integrated economy.

3. having, including, or serving members of differentracial, religious, and ethnic groups as equals: an integrated school.

So technically integrated means good old 360. A key idea, message or thought which you can translate through into different media along the customer journey.

But in discussions I have had with different agencies it seems that they mean it to mean the ability to do digital as well as traditional…oh. In other words through the line? Oh no wait we’ve forgotten what the line was. Ok so 360? No ? But how do we send them to web? Not onboard with that. So if I undestand the buzzword correctly integrated is someone with a digital background who can talk banners, facebook apps and google adwords at the account.

Sorry still doesn’t mean that we are looking at a key message leading to dialogue and reactive touchpoints along the customer journey. Feels to me, after having produced many a rich media banner and the odd 1.000 or so adwors that in 2014 digital is still some sort of magic looking glass to agencies. Despite the writings of Saints Seth and Malcolm. Let’s hope that 2015 is the year of the message.

Work relationships

18 Dec

And end of year musing – professionally. Especially as the form emails wishing us Happy Holidays have started arriving in my inbox…don’t we somehow miss the personal touch? As we go into 2015 think about relationships – the personal touch – and friendships. Sometimes in business we have the great luck to become actual personal friends with colleagues. Friendships that we can sustain even when we no longer work together. And sometimes we are even luckier to become friends with a client. With both lunch plans wtih ex-colleagues become friends as well as plans with ex client become friend in the coming weeks I realize that I have been very lucky indeed.

Happy Holidays.

Start your New Year’s Resolutions now…

1 Dec

It’s the first of December today. 30 days until 2015. The year is coming to a close and while we are all harriedly thinking of the holiday period it is also the time to make plans for 2015. No seriously! Always plan for tomorrow. And one of the things we can do in 2015 is extend each other professional courtesy. Start remembering to answer emails in a timely fashion, say please, thank you and give a well-meant compliment. Being polite isn’t being weak, it is being strong.