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On the necessity of briefs, client briefs, and creative briefs

21 Mar

This is a great blog to follow by a fellow advertising professional here in Amsterdam. I haven’t met this person yet but hope to soon as I highly appreciate and applaud these blog posts.

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“Every order which can be misunderstood will be misunderstood”

Jacob Meckel, 1877

Briefing is difficult to do well and has a major impact, for it essentially determines how people are going to spend their time and what outcomes they are going to try and achieve. Few things could be more important for any business. In view of its importance and difficulty, it is remarkable that it is little taught.”

Lesson: Demand great client briefs.

Briefing is radical in the way in which it unifies effort. The effort is directed towards a desired outcome – everybody has an ultimate goal which is defined in terms of the state of affairs to be attained in the world.”

Lesson: Great client briefs define outcomes, not means.

In the backbrief three things happen. The first obvious thing is that the unit being briefed checks its understanding of the direction it has received or worked out…

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Goodbye again…

4 Mar

One of the critical tests of freelancing, I believe, is being asked to come back again. As the saying goes, be nice to the people on the way up as you may meet them again on the way down the mountain. So always do your best and leave a good impression. In my last day at a repeat performance in Dusseldorf I received the below compliment from my client…

“I wanted to thank you for your commitment in the past weeks, where you were playing (in most of the time) firefighter for our projects. I know, that it was challenging and that we were not always the easiest client on earth and definitely not the easiest channel… Nevertheless I appreciate your strong commitment and your ‘we’ll-find-a-solution-mood’. Thanks for it! Wishing you all the best for the future, enjoy your break (if you will have one) and like always: you always meet twice in life.”

As I have said previously, freelancing is like a competitive sport. And this is one of my medals.