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What is intellectual property?

7 Aug

Was recently working with a local small team creative company. They wanted to discuss the budget (as in wanting more) and said ‘but what if we sell our idea on internationally’. We then had a discussion about when is an idea still the idea? I’m always surprised about how people mentally change rules to fit their own situation. When we don’t want to pay international rights we simply claim that it’s a local market and no-one would know but when we want something suddenly even the prepositions are claimed as part of an idea. Once upon a time, way back in school, I studied copyright law and also I have spoken to a lawyer and copyright agency in recent years about IP. I would suggest that everyone who works in marketing communications positions understands this and stays updated or at least asks clever professionals like trademark agencies for advice.

Long and short a) in the world of the interwebs it is impossible if you post something to not have it stolen – provided that it is good b) simply changing the colors of an artwork does not make it your own version and therefore copyright free c) it is not necessarily an infringement on IP if someone uses a different visual, different typography and a slight change in the words d) however if you deliberately change something only slight to lend the idea that the consumer if looking at another original it is an infringement and most of all just because something has appeared  on YouTube, TV or been played on the Radio does not make it rights free.


One more note on good CRM

1 Aug

About 2 years ago I was really frustrated with my energy provider. They did nothing to keep me onboard as valued customer, spending big budgets to woo new ones. When they couldn’t explain fluctuations in my bills I switched. Recently someone rang our bell – showing proper identification he explained that his job was to convince me to become a returning customer. He wasn’t canvassing the neighborhood, he had a list of clients to win back and that was his job.

Finally an almost personal approach – took the company 2 years and several incarnations (and no doubt agencies) to realize that keeping a customer happy and upselling is a much smaller expenditure and bigger ROI. Well done!