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What to wear at/to the office

9 Feb

Some many years ago when we got back from school our mothers would shout ”change out of your school clothes” before we would go get covered in mud and tomatoes. Sunday you had to wear itchy nice clothes to go visit the grandparents and only summers were spent in super casual wear. In the market I moved to, especially the advertising industry, many felt that it was old hat to wear ”nice clothes” to the office unless you were a banker or funeral director. In Advertising it seemed that the more underdressed you could be the better. Not stylish, not fashionable, no just practically rolling up to the office in what you had on in bed.  A few years ago I re-posted an article about the dawning realization that what you wear reflects on how people perceive you and your professionalism. After several years abroad, in markets that seemed to take that clothes make the man still seriously, I came back to NL in 2015 and must say pleasantly surprised. Still amazing glaring instances of people who don’t seem to connect how, what, when, where & why but more and more you’re seeing working Amsterdam look like working Amsterdam.

Clothes make the (wo)man. Dress for success, dress for the job you aspire too, dress to impress (not labels but style) and don’t be a slave to trends.