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Remember to market internally…

12 Apr

We spend a lot of time working on our external shell – how the world perceives us, our products, our services. We think about our corporate vision, branding, website, letterhead, signature etc. We are very polished in marketing ourselves externally. But how about internally? My friend and former colleague Hank Poot wrote several posts on Linkedin about the engaged employee and the actual loss in profitability by companies by people who ”just do their job”. I say take it one step further¬† – and people this isn’t news – make sure to market yourself internally. All those great values we write down in value ladders and pyramids, do all of your employees know and embrace them ?¬† Do we take time to engage them in the process? In understanding what it all means and confirming that they are behind it? Do people understand what a touchstone is and why the values are something we need to test everything against? No is usually the answer, but often and even more sadly, because management and the marketing department didn’t bother to think about selling internally.

Years ago I was at an ad agency expecting a foreign delegation of one of their biggest clients, they meant to request that employees kept in mind that this famous sport shoes brand was visiting the next day, and be sensitive by not wearing their outright competitor’s brands. Turned into a Catherine the Great kind of atmosphere. Why? Aside from the fact that if there is one thing a Dutchman hates being told is that he has to not do something – it’s also because they were not engaged with the brand they worked for. They didn’t know the values/marketing behind it. It was a fun place to work, won some great awards but at the end of the day it was a paycheck.

So market to your internal clients as well…