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Observations on cultural differences

13 May

Differences amongst people from different countries? Is that even allowed? Of course if it gives us a way to understand each other better. Language is not the only tool…

On the London City commuter flight recently I was suddenly struck by the ease with which the Dutch travel (for business). Shouldn’t be a surprise, however believe it or not despite having conquered the 7 seas the Dutch are quite a homely people. But if its business then they’re quite happy to plane, train or automobile. The thought of  a commuter marriage is perfectly normal and many people in NL regularly work remote to where they live.

The British are uber-polite and a bit patriarchal (sorry), Americans over-friendly, think out loud and often times lost, the French political and big fans of child-raising by nanny, the Germans quiet and rule followers and the Dutch are straight to the point and willing to travel…generalizations and my own observations. But I find that if we observe we learn. And understanding the cultural context of the other helps to remove barriers.