Gardening (both literal and metaphorical)

13 Apr

18 months ago we bought an allotment – for those in the US a city garden. Truly a great plot of 200sqm within the city proper and only a few minutes from the house. I commented recently whilst enjoying an afternoon of sun that the garden we had taken over was a metaphor for my career.

It was a mess when I first viewed it. Unloved, uncared for and with some slight attempt at order. Now 18 months later there is form, order, grace and beauty. If I do say so myself.

All down to planning and execution. The execution through sheer grit and determination (and planning) being the key point – professionally.

The one downside of gardening – professionally – is that one never gets to stay and harvest. You can only hope to see how it goes by following the collegues and projects you worked with/on.

The other downside, even if you see the ‘harvest’ one year – is that you expect to move on to new pastures. Nothing is quite as exciting professionally as tilling new soil and making new plans.

I think I’m a sheer grit & dertermination (execution) junkie…


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