What is Omnichannel? p.s. it’s always all about the messaging!

28 Apr

Omnichannel is the next great step since multi-channel. Wonderful – except that so many marketeers and products never fully embranced multi-channel. Sure there were some attempts to cross channel the message. My favorite being the omnipresent ”key visual”. But unless you truly embraced cross-channel messaging and plotted out the journey it’s always just plopping an add across multiple media.

Omnichannel , multichannel, crosschannel isn’t easy. Because you truly have to sit down and think about who, what, when, where and why with relation to your (different) target groups, message platforms, times, market lifecycles etc etc.

And then when you have it thought out you have to go and do it!

That’s often where we see the brilliant ambitions at the start of the project/productlaunch etc fall down. Because along the way we got caught up in everything else, decided that certain channels weren’t as prio as others, that they could be variations of etc and suddenly you’re set to go live and have no idea what the 2nd week messaging on Facebook let alone Instastories should be.

Not a problem as there are so many great shops out there to help us all get great thinking into live. However discoordinated management of messaging and partners still means that you’re set to go live and have no idea what the next steps are. And with agile firms you might not even be the one responsible suddenly.

It’s always all about the messaging – who, what, when, where, why. Basically everything Drayton Bird and David Ogilvy ever said ever is always true.


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