2 Jan
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It’s that time of year again ! In between all the fun and interesting articles on predictions for 2020 we also have our resolutions. Next to our personal resolutions (mine is to master horseback archery) we could also make business resolutions. For example to be more of a leader, or even to step back and not be the 1st volunteer all the time. To listen more, to encourage and nurture more…Mine is going to be use less negative language. Not talking about being less direct – sometimes we just need to cut through the noise – nor a firm no or incorrect when needed – but negativity when you don’t need to be. Think before you speak/write/app. In this age of polarisation language is so key – and a non-negative use of language can lead to building bridges and alliances rather than immediately dividing.

It could be just the way to better understanding and relationships (and business). So worth a try? At least until the 3rd Monday in January when we all forget every resolution! Have a great 2020!

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