Imposter Syndrome

13 Mar

Celebrating women this month and one of the thing we often fall prey to – the Imposter Syndrome. I wrote this piece for the Amsterdam chapter of SheSays and blatant self-promotion am sharing it again here:

I was flown into Milan to help the Wunderman Microsoft Team. I had only spoken with the MD via email before arriving in the office. She had basically said yes when can you start after our first conversation based on the recommendation of hiring me by our Global Director within the Paris team. I literally went out there armed with my phone and my laptop and only my solid knowledge of how to get Microsoft campaigns out the door. When Friday came I hopped in a taxi to Linate (because Milan public transportation was having a strike) and waited for my plane. Literally, as I walked across the tarmac to board I was terrified that my telephone would ring and the MD would say, “fraud! Don’t come back on Monday!’’ But that call didn’t come. I went back on Monday, and the following Mondays for several months and no-one ever said I wasn’t a fabulous Global Advertising Director with a solid knowledge of how to get Microsoft working with Wunderman and producing great campaigns. Why? Well because I wasn’t an imposter. I was fabulous, I am fabulous. I can do it.

So, what would I tell my younger self… this year’s self? Believe. Not just I think you can, but KNOW you can. Because I think we all fall prey to these fears more often than we care to admit. And that is I believe one of the biggest factors in holding 51% of the world back.


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