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Round peg – square hole

23 Nov

We often talk about square pegs and round holes when it comes to people fitting into roles/profiles. This is an obvious parallel as we know a square peg won’t fit, unless you force it to shave off the corners. Now whilst we could psychologically spend hours discussing making changes and adjustments and whether the square peg should adapt I wanted to talk about the opposite. And something I feel happens particularly to people who can fall victim to the imposter syndrome.

Round peg – square hole. I mean with this is a round peg will fit in a square hole. No problems. So at first glance no worries. However the round peg doesn’t fit snuggly, isn’t exactly right. And whilst initially you fit in as there are no sharp edges you’re not quite in your place.

I’m not suggesting that this couldn’t be a very happy relationship – nor that one shouldn’t be looking for diversity as maybe those square holes could use some reshaping. But it’s about trying to make yourself or that new hire to be something you’re not.

In the end, even though the peg is round, there is friction. That subtle sub-cutaneous feeling that it isn’t 100% but you can’t quite put your finger on it.

And there is exactly the moment for growth. Why did you hire that round peg? Why did you as round peg take the square hole position? Is it absolutely insurmountable or can things be re-aligned? We keep talking about diversity but do we really mean it? Because it means re-evaluating the holes not necessarily the pegs.


Baking & Open to Work

1 Nov

Thank you #linkedin for creating the #opentowork frame for profile images. It not only makes it easy but also helps unify. I have recently revised my profile and added the open to work frame to my image. And whilst I would ideally love a role for 3 -5 years at a brand who wants to grow internationally a smart woman keeps all of her options open including freelancing & consultancy.

In my freelance career, I baked cookies for my clients and agents to deliver as an end of year gift.

In my role at the Affordable Art Fair, I baked pink cupcakes to share with partners when we had sealed the deal.

With 2 more months to go in Covid20 I am looking forward to 2021 and doing some more baking. Need some sound advice? Solid content strategy, planning and production? Give me a call.