Digital Marketing Consultant

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With extensive experience in marketing and client services. I analyze, strategize, compose, concept, coalesce and produce, from strategic content development, planning and creation to media bartering and execution. I navigate complex projects and organizations with ease, making sense of all the noise involved and ensuring that all stakeholders feel heard and enthuse the team to produce great work.

Following a career in international advertising, I took the challenge of putting my marketing talents into practice with the Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam. I successfully transformed the fair, turning it into a profitable cultural event. I restructured the marketing strategy to include social media and embrace the core brand values. This resulted in a 10% increase in visitors (and subsequent art sales) each year. Also leading to an increased geographic catchment of visitors, and an increase in social and PR exposure. With 400k+ organic reach of the event and a 1mio+ PR value.

Missing the more dynamic workplace of (digital) marketing I decided to jump back into the commercial world, working in both industry and SaaS to develop marketing plans. My micro-consultancy, Kris Clark Consultancy is for the SMB with a focus on the arts sector. Creating content and email marketing plans, social media content plans, and calendars and thinking along with small businesses on how to increase audience and ultimately profit. I am also open to short-term assignments.

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