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How to break the glass ceiling?

20 Aug

I know the world, and particularly younger women, feel that this topic is boring and unnecessary. But this week I was once again one of the only 2 women in a meeting. Why oh why in my professional life do I wonder at the fact that even in 2014 I am still often one of the only women in a meeting? Why is marketing so male dominated? Getting a bit bored of being in board rooms filled with testosterone tainted hot air.


Why do advertising people blog?

19 Aug

I was going to blog about hurrah! the end of summer. Because I don’t know if you know this but here in the land of milk & honey that is Amsterdam the dress code, which is lax at the best of times, is downright abysmal during the summer. If I see one more set of naked non-pedicured toes in Havaianas or shock horror grubby Jesus Nikes I will puke like the character in Little Britain. We shall leave my rant on dress code for another day. Because while trawling the blogosphere I stumbled across a few other rather interesting posts. Namely:


Now I’m an opinionated bitch at the best of times. Truly, someone once told me I’d be a great dictator, so what struck me was obviously like minds. But I also noticed something in the tone of voice and use of language. So go to the about and what do I find – expats in advertising. We are in the communicaton business, most of us addicted to social media so it figures that we’d blog. As a matter of fact I’m going to go one step further and say ‘we should blog’ how could, particularly these two heads of planning, advise about the modern media landscape without being a part of it.

I look forward to future posts by them both.

Inspiring people part II

23 Jun

When someone you know uses their talents and ambitions to change their corner of the world, then it’s our responsibility to shout it out for them.

Nassira Boudhan is just such a lady. Having two corners of the world to tend to (Morocco and the Netherlands) she is bridging two cultures and travelling a lot to make changes. Changes for women and girls. Because over 50% of our world is women. On Monday her website/webshop goes live.

A-lief is fashion for education, with an eye to sustainability. Empowering women in Morocco so that they can educate their daughters.