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Baking & Open to Work

1 Nov

Thank you #linkedin for creating the #opentowork frame for profile images. It not only makes it easy but also helps unify. I have recently revised my profile and added the open to work frame to my image. And whilst I would ideally love a role for 3 -5 years at a brand who wants to grow internationally a smart woman keeps all of her options open including freelancing & consultancy.

In my freelance career, I baked cookies for my clients and agents to deliver as an end of year gift.

In my role at the Affordable Art Fair, I baked pink cupcakes to share with partners when we had sealed the deal.

With 2 more months to go in Covid20 I am looking forward to 2021 and doing some more baking. Need some sound advice? Solid content strategy, planning and production? Give me a call. 


An excercise in putting the network to work.

19 Jul

Mary Poppins is retiring from flitting around the ad world helping raise the children. She’s moved over to a permanent position at the fabolous Affordable Art Fair Netherlands. What a great team to be involved with both locally and globally and what a fab thing to do. As I truly believe in the accessiblity of art for all.

As the new Fair  Director Netherlands this is a professional challenge I am so happy to pursue – putting all my marketing experience to good use and hopefully making great use of my professional network.

So from now on don’t watch this space but please check out all of our sites, facebook pages, instagram and twitter feeds from around the Affordable Art Fair world. And particularly https://www.facebook.com/AAFNETHERLANDS.