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Instagram is my new blog…

21 Jul

Who would have predicted? Well maybe Dr. Who and the emoji robots. But with the < millenials using social media as search and messaging portals, combined with a US president addicted to instant twittefication I realized that most of us are becoming instant response addicts. And the beauty of Instagram is that it’s visual so fewer pesky words to type, let alone spell correctly. I share more often but smaller tidbits. On the one hand it’s fabulous because I feel like those I care about can share whatever excites me at the moment. However it remains a tidbit, so shallow.

Don’t just embrace a channel because there is an audience if your message doesn’t fit. For those who know me, they know what they’ll find on my instagram feed.



8 May

I suddenly pondered on the cult of self we are cultivating this century. Between Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and the rest we talk about ourselves to our (insert air quotes here) friends and general public a lot. We actually have to remind ourselves to be polite to each other and thank people for their help. When does self-promotion become overbearing? What is the dividing line between self-marketing and self-serving?