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Eating soup with a fork

5 Sep
Freeimages.com hot chilli soup

Part of my pandemic/2020 goals has been to increase and improve my knowledge in Digital Marketing. Put your money where your mouth is and check what you know and put a certification against it.

Wonderful courses at the #digitalmarketinginstitute which include a great library of resources.

One of these is the podcast series ‘Ahead of the Game’ hosted by Will Francis. Podcasts are fab – bite sized chunks of information to listen to whilst doing the grocery shopping, driving someplace, weeding the allotment.

Today’s podcast was Digital Transformation with #clarkboyd. Being a webosaur and a digital marketer I do so appreciate that it is often a thought ”ooh shiny” and ”if we digitize that we are digital”. Also that in digital marketing the fact that analytics are easily available is often confused with strategy.

Just because you can do it doesn’t mean you should. And conversely just being online or adopting a digital tool doesn’t mean that you are conversant in digital marketing or transformed.

Having been both at the leading edge of helping teams adopt the landscape of digital marketing and being internal at some boring training about the latest shiny digital tool I wanted to shout ‘YES’ when Clark talks about lines of reporting and non-adoption. Which is like trying to eat soup with a fork.

Listen for yourself, it is well worth the 40 minutes. And please share what you think both about the podcast, digital marketing and digital transformation.


Don’t Compete! Collaborate!

6 Dec

As this is the title of the speech I have submitted to @spark Spring I thought I should blog about it.

I realized that it all came down to a decision – you can compete and maybe even win – but you are always comparing yourself to someone else and setting the game by their standards.

How to discover your inner superwoman? How to feel at ease with things? Don’t. Don’t give up – no don’t stop. But stop living by those rules.

Do the Kobayashi Maru. Write the rules. And my rules are I’m not competing. I collaborate.

I am more than the individual. I am the sum of the parts. It enriches me to be a part of something else and it makes me happy to contribute. So I choose to collaborate.

Time for a quick post

11 Mar

It’s been well over a month since my last post. I have been enjoying several columns from influencers on LinkedIn on tricks that CMO’s are missing, how to better use Social Media etc as well as following several outstanding webinars thanks to a local free service. Point is – always keep learning!