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Baking & Open to Work

1 Nov

Thank you #linkedin for creating the #opentowork frame for profile images. It not only makes it easy but also helps unify. I have recently revised my profile and added the open to work frame to my image. And whilst I would ideally love a role for 3 -5 years at a brand who wants to grow internationally a smart woman keeps all of her options open including freelancing & consultancy.

In my freelance career, I baked cookies for my clients and agents to deliver as an end of year gift.

In my role at the Affordable Art Fair, I baked pink cupcakes to share with partners when we had sealed the deal.

With 2 more months to go in Covid20 I am looking forward to 2021 and doing some more baking. Need some sound advice? Solid content strategy, planning and production? Give me a call.